Submission Grappling

The evolution of Grappling. Demon teaches a hybrid blend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. What does this mean exactly? All positions and submissions from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are used as well as the takedowns, controls and counters of Greco, Freestyle, and Folkstyle wrestling. This is the base for all successful ground fighters in modern Mixed Martial Arts, and it is the main focus at Demon. We teach all levels, from beginners to professionals.


Ring Demon teaches western style boxing geared for success in Mixed Martial Arts. Eric also tries to blend some traditional martial arts concepts (such as Wing Chun) into his boxing classes to make it more effective.

Class is taught with emphasis on proper punching technique, balance, movement, and defence. Practice consists of warm ups, footwork, partner drills, mitts and bag work.


This is Eurasian Kickboxing. This is a mixture of Dutch style kick boxing and Muay Thai. The goal of the Demon kick boxing class is to be able to tie the hands and feet together while maintaining the dutch style lateral movement. This allows for better angles and less trading of damage. This class, like the boxing, includes warm ups, partner drills, Thai pads, and bag work. Anyone from an average Joe to a professional will benefit from this class.